Welcome to
CrossCultural Development Educational Services

Dear Colleagues, students, and our loyal clients, we will be closing down our website as of January 1, 2017.  It has been our extreme pleasure working with all of you and we value the work you have been doing to support diverse learners.  

If you need more of our screening forms, we recommend that you purchase the Separating Difference & Disability Workbook as it contains all of the screening forms (and more!).  You will be able to make as many copies of the forms as you need directly from the text as it is bound in coil to ease scanning. You may order copies of the Workbook from us at www.crosscultured.com until the end of December 2016. You may also contact karla@crosscultured.com for more information on obtaining copies.

If you want copies of Dr. Collier’s books, you will be able to order RTI for Diverse Learners, Seven Steps for Separating Difference & Disability, and But What Do I Do? Strategies from A to W, (her new book on intervention strategies) from Corwin Press, either at www.corwin.com or from www.amazon.com

Dr. Collier will continue to teach online and will maintain most of our materials as resource documents within her course.  If you are interested in these online courses, contact www.tesol.org and look under professional development.

We wish you all success in your work to improve the effective education of culturally and linguistically diverse learners with challenging learning problems.

Who We Are

CCDES is a small company directed by Dr. Catherine Collier.  CCDES is available to assist schools, advocates and parents to partner with each other to help EVERY student.  CCDES has been in business since 1987 and has worked with school districts around the United States and Canada.


What We Believe

We believe that each child needs and deserves a quality education, that teachers need and deserve the training necessary to make that happen and that families are an essential piece to the education puzzle.  We understand that the task of teaching has become more challenging with budget cuts and new federal guidelines.  There seem to be more and more questions and fewer and fewer resources available to provide REAL answers.


How We Can Help

We can help provide those REAL answers.  Our company delivers professional development workshops such as "How to Separate Difference from Disability" and many others.  We can assist your school district with language and learning programs and IEP technical assistance to help navigate the rough waters created by the legacy of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), the individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), English Language Learners (ELL) and Standard English Learners (SEL).  Our focus is on diverse learners with special needs including language and learning challenges. We have developed cross-cultural screening tools and assessments that are used by school districts around the United States and Canada.

It is our hope that this website will be used as a cross-cultural resource for ESL, SEL, ELL, Special Education and classroom teachers as well as administrators and parents.  Take some time to look around - there are articles and downloads available completely free of charge - and many other resources. 

It is our desire to make every school a warm and welcoming place to educate every child and we believe that we can help you make that happen.